A man and his cat.

This is Moose. He's an ex street-cat who now
lives with us - safe from the dangers of the street.
He is fond of used coffee cups.
He is lucky, and so am I - you'll see what I mean.
The guy who washes our cars came today.

He's a really nice guy - He is one of the house staff from one of the larger houses where we live.

He is always happy, and enthusiastic - waves to everyone in the street (I think he does a roaring trade in washing cars to supplement an income that would be criminally low anywhere else in the world).

His English is ... interesting, but he speaks it with such enthusiasm and confidence and and vigor that even if the words are completely wrong you just over look it and try to work it out - he makes himself understood, and that's all that matters.

He's washed our cars for the best part of a couple of years. Early on in the relationship he noticed that we have cats, and asked if he could have some cat food.

Turns out he has been feeding a local street cat, and that cat had become his friend. So rather than giving him little bags of cat food from our stash, we bought bags of cat food just for him; a situation that pleased him greatly.

Before that he would just share his own food with his little friend.