Did you help save Locky's dad? Or did Autism posts get in the way?.

Nick Auden died on Friday - or Saturday depending on the timezone you live in.

Regardless of where the arbitrary line that states what time of day it is for you, for Nick, 72 hours ago, time became finite.

HIS time ended, and everything that his supporters could do was done.

Remembrance day, why bother?

I am no fan of war.

It is a space inhabited by people who are asked to do unimaginable things, in unimaginable circumstances, while the rest of us sweat over whether the train will be on time, and bemoan the lack of talent of the new barrista at the coffee shop.

A space that is inhabited by all parts of the spectrum of life: The living, the dying, and the dead, all of whom are intrinsic to the act of war.

I have stood in the fields and farmlands around Ypres in Belgium with a feeling of hopelessness and futility as I gazed across the killing ground. For years I had been told of the acts of heroism displayed by the forces from both sides as they fought and died to gain the high ground.

Only the high ground that I imagined, painted by various educators at public schools, simply didn't exist.