What gets you off? The DOMA/Prop 8 decision

Warning: This post is of a sexual nature, some people will find it confronting, even though it is in no way explicit.

The outcome of the DOMA/Prop 8 debate is a positive one.  The ongoing movement to equality, whatever the variables, can only be a good thing.

Yes there will be the usual backlash - my favourite is the many variations of "Now THEY have the right to get married, what is to stop someone marrying a poodle? It's sick, SICK".

And yet there is some level of irony surrounding those assertions that sexual preference is a deviance.

PRISM and the NSA? Snowden flagged it for us, but there are bigger issues...

Watching you?
Yes, because you
agreed to it.
There has been a lot of hoopla about Edward Snowden and his role in (and ultimately distaste for) the actions of the NSA and the Prism project.

What HAS come of it are a couple of really good articles that describe the mechanics of how data-profiling work.

One of the more spine-tingling observations is the "revelation" that a program called Accumulo is a system used by the NSA as part of the PRISM project.

Well, the surprise is not about the Accumulo system itself, just that such a system is actually in use.

Without getting all hyper-geek,  the guts of the system is this - stick with me, I'll keep it short.