The ever-changing casting call...

The response to Erasure has been great and the reviews have been positive. A situation that doesn't cease to amaze me.

One of the most common statements made has been something along the lines of:
"Erasure would make a great movie, it's reads like one.. you should TOTALLY make a movie.."

I tend to agree, I mean what writer wouldn't?

Americans, they are all just so...AMERICAN.

The Great American Adventure.

We are fresh back from a trip to the states, a trip that we had talked about for a very long time (10 years is a long time to be planning an event, by any measure) and now, all too soon, it is over.

We got remarried in Vegas, saw some nice stuff, spoke to people about my book, and was heartened as to how well it was received.

I won’t bang on with the whole itinerary, but just know that in the 3.5 weeks we were there we saw a sizable chunk of the country.

Not all of it.

Not most of it.

Just a sizable chunk.

Thought I’d clarify that in case any of my US fans felt the need to weigh in with assertions that one CAN’T see all of America in 3.5 weeks.

I agree, hence keeping my estimate at “A sizable chunk”.

Enough of the geographical semantics. I’ll get to the point.

Which is: