Did you help save Locky's dad? Or did Autism posts get in the way?.

Nick Auden died on Friday - or Saturday depending on the timezone you live in.

Regardless of where the arbitrary line that states what time of day it is for you, for Nick, 72 hours ago, time became finite.

HIS time ended, and everything that his supporters could do was done.

Remembrance day, why bother?

I am no fan of war.

It is a space inhabited by people who are asked to do unimaginable things, in unimaginable circumstances, while the rest of us sweat over whether the train will be on time, and bemoan the lack of talent of the new barrista at the coffee shop.

A space that is inhabited by all parts of the spectrum of life: The living, the dying, and the dead, all of whom are intrinsic to the act of war.

I have stood in the fields and farmlands around Ypres in Belgium with a feeling of hopelessness and futility as I gazed across the killing ground. For years I had been told of the acts of heroism displayed by the forces from both sides as they fought and died to gain the high ground.

Only the high ground that I imagined, painted by various educators at public schools, simply didn't exist.

"Broken", the latest installment in the Erasure series - out later this week.

Broken, the prequel to 2012's Erasure is almost ready.
The editors have trawled and poked, and cut and provoked it into life, and we are all pretty proud of it.

Set in a time of pure hell for Bammer, 'Broken' answers a lot of questions for fans of Erasure.

Questions I won't elude to here.
Simple: To name those questions would affect the impact of Erasure.

But there are questions, and Broken finally produces answers.

The restraints attached to Belinda’s ankles and wrists, while a large padded belt wrapped around her mid-section.  
The smell of urine. Not warm and new, but older and almost masked by hospital bleach. 
Apart from Bammer’s soft breathing there was no noise in the room. It was a sealed universe, and Bammer at its center

“What do you want?” It was the only thing Jesus could think to ask.
More breathing, though louder than before, she must have been looking at him.
“What do I want?” she said, her voice low, “I want some fucking dignity back.” 

What gets you off? The DOMA/Prop 8 decision

Warning: This post is of a sexual nature, some people will find it confronting, even though it is in no way explicit.

The outcome of the DOMA/Prop 8 debate is a positive one.  The ongoing movement to equality, whatever the variables, can only be a good thing.

Yes there will be the usual backlash - my favourite is the many variations of "Now THEY have the right to get married, what is to stop someone marrying a poodle? It's sick, SICK".

And yet there is some level of irony surrounding those assertions that sexual preference is a deviance.

PRISM and the NSA? Snowden flagged it for us, but there are bigger issues...

Watching you?
Yes, because you
agreed to it.
There has been a lot of hoopla about Edward Snowden and his role in (and ultimately distaste for) the actions of the NSA and the Prism project.

What HAS come of it are a couple of really good articles that describe the mechanics of how data-profiling work.

One of the more spine-tingling observations is the "revelation" that a program called Accumulo is a system used by the NSA as part of the PRISM project.

Well, the surprise is not about the Accumulo system itself, just that such a system is actually in use.

Without getting all hyper-geek,  the guts of the system is this - stick with me, I'll keep it short.

The ever-changing casting call...

The response to Erasure has been great and the reviews have been positive. A situation that doesn't cease to amaze me.

One of the most common statements made has been something along the lines of:
"Erasure would make a great movie, it's reads like one.. you should TOTALLY make a movie.."

I tend to agree, I mean what writer wouldn't?

Americans, they are all just so...AMERICAN.

The Great American Adventure.

We are fresh back from a trip to the states, a trip that we had talked about for a very long time (10 years is a long time to be planning an event, by any measure) and now, all too soon, it is over.

We got remarried in Vegas, saw some nice stuff, spoke to people about my book, and was heartened as to how well it was received.

I won’t bang on with the whole itinerary, but just know that in the 3.5 weeks we were there we saw a sizable chunk of the country.

Not all of it.

Not most of it.

Just a sizable chunk.

Thought I’d clarify that in case any of my US fans felt the need to weigh in with assertions that one CAN’T see all of America in 3.5 weeks.

I agree, hence keeping my estimate at “A sizable chunk”.

Enough of the geographical semantics. I’ll get to the point.

Which is:

Java Cabana - Memphis open mic night.

During the epic journey that was the great American adventure, (more on that in another post) while in Memphis we found ourselves staying in the fabulous Cooper-Young district...

... and fell completely in love with the area. An eclectic mix of bars, bookshops, art spaces, a cat rescue center and the fabulous Java Cabana coffee house.