Self Publishing: The story so far

"You should totally write a book."

The call from many a fan after reading my adventures about searching for coffee in a new country.

"Should I though?" was my usual answer.

It's fine attempting to be humorous on the pages and posts of a reasonably well attended blog, but a work of fiction is a whole other bag of clams.

Nonetheless, I did, and I am really happy with the result and hope to be as happy with the further instalments of the Erasure series.

On getting older...

I turn 40 today...

...and I am liking it.

While my distaste for birthdays during my twenties confounded my friends and family, getting to thirty was a turning point for me, and for the last decade I have enjoyed the natural progression of years that inevitably comes around every 365 days or so. (taking leap years into account)

More so in the last couple of years after the great-big-dose-of-perspective train pulled into bon anniversaire station (I know, bask in my use of French). The metaphoric train was driven by a guy who I passed every Saturday on the way in to my apartment building.

His name is Charles.

Erasure, out now on Kindle and all other eReaders.

After much teeth gnashing, and a couple of heart stopping moments when it appeared that Amazon were going to drag their feet, at long last the book is available.

Hundreds of hours went in to the writing, editing, re-editing... sending it to someone else to edit - changing things, and the list goes on and on and ON!

But it's on Amazon and smashwords now, and available for any device that can stick a thing on a screen.

You can find it right now at:  (links to the book page) Direct to Kindle (or if you have an iPad, go to your App Store and download the free Kindle app for iPad THEN go to to buy the book.

Or if you live in a country that has issues with internationally distributed books through Amazon, you can get a copy at where versions are available for all book readers. No matter which way you go the price is the same.

What is the price? Glad you asked - for the launch weekend Erasure will be available for 2.99... so if you are interested, get in while you can. It will be going up to 4.99 or 5.99 after the weekend, so it won't be THAT much more, but everyone loves a bargain, hey?

Lastly - if you do have access to the Amazon version, please just grab the kindle version from there, it'll help the ranking of the book immensely.

BUT I'll be ecstatic either way.

Don't forget to review the book (after you've read it of course) ...

...and thanks.